Please check out our specific curriculum page for each age group:

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Also check out our detailed information on our Character Education Program page.

Program Outline:

A preschool/daycare has a curriculum? Absolutely! There are many centers around the country that purchase pre-packaged curriculum programs. But at Christ Lutheran we put together a team of curriculum-educated teachers to research the most successful teaching techniques, coupled with their own classroom experience in knowing what really works, to create what we believe to be a truly exceptional educational program.  Each classroom uses its own, age-appropriate curriculum, while keeping to the same theme as all other classrooms. Our philosophy is to introduce lessons and skills to your children so that when they are ready, they know how to apply what they’ve absorbed. Our curriculum is based on learning through songs, finger plays, repetition, books, and play.  Each teacher understands that our children learn in different ways and at different rates. We embrace this notion and help each child learn in a way that works for them.  Learning should be fun; but there also needs to be plenty of free play throughout the day. Free play opens the door to independence and creativity, which makes every day a new, exciting experience. Centers in each classroom include age appropriate materials in art, science/sensory, fine motor/manipulative, books, music, dramatic play, blocks, and writing (for 3s, 4s, & TK).

All classes from Infants through Transitional Kindergarten will have the same theme of the week starting with “My Family and Me” in August and ending with “Fun and Games” in June. During the summer months, full day participates in CLCC’s summer camp that consists of fun-filled themes with water days, special treats, crafts, games, and activities.

Our faith and belief is that we are all children of God.  We believe our spiritual development and well-being are part of our growth and maturity, especially in the early years of life.  At Christ Lutheran Children’s Center, we will talk about the God who loves us, the God who creates all that exists and the God who sent us His Son, Jesus, to reveal His love.  Songs, stories, and art about God will be shared in our classrooms as we partner with the church with our Bible Story of the Week.  Prayers of thanksgiving will be prayed before snack and lunch.  

The following extracurricular activities are offered as part of the curriculum:

  • Bible Story of the Week – Stories are covered through readings, music, puppets, and discussions in each classroom.
  • Character Education: Character traits are built upon monthly which aid in your child’s social and emotional growth.  Students will gain a great foundation and understanding of these traits through stories and activities with stuffed animals, role playing, and short video clips.  
  • Science –  Twos – TK are introduced to theme-related experiments and hands on experiences as well as concepts of trial and error and predicting outcomes.
  • Chapel – Bible stories are reinforced in Christ Chapel with a pastor on a weekly basis with our older children.  Infants-Twos meet with a staff member to hear God’s word and sing His praises.
  • Physical Education – Class focuses on the development of motor skills, strength, cardio, and flexibility with ages 3-5.
  • Spanish – Threes-TK meet are introduced to the basics of Spanish as they meet weekly with a Spanish teacher.
  • Outdoor Learning Environment – Teacher-planned weekly activities are enjoyed in this environment where all our children can develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.  
  • Music – Class is held weekly in each class where children are introduced to various songs and instruments.
  • Storytelling- Each month, children ages Toddlers through TK enjoy stories and songs that center on a monthly theme.  Themes include season and holiday stories as well as values such as friendship.
  • Other – Extracurricular activities may include OPTIONAL programs from the community at an additional cost. These programs include: Soccer Shots and Shining Stars.  Informational brochures on the selected programs will be made available.

During the summer months, we have fun-filled themes to make our center seem like “summer camp” with water days, special treats, crafts, games, and activities.  Look for registration forms in February.