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The History of Our Center

In 1989, the congregation of Christ Lutheran Church committed to create a licensed childcare program offering full and half day care. Charlotte lacked quality, faith-based childcare centers and a sleepy church on Providence Road had ideas of transforming from a Sunday church to an
everyday-of-the-week church. From this vision, Christ Lutheran Children's Center was born.

Today, CLCC, while still connected to the ministry of the church, is a stand-alone organization with full and part-time staff under the leadership of Director, Meg Semm.



At Christ Lutheran Children’s Center we strive each day to help the children feel independent, confident, and to develop a lifelong love for learning. Each child is a child of God and a unique individual who grows and learns at his or her own pace. We believe that an understanding of Christian values and a developmentally appropriate learning environment will build good character and a feeling of security to engage in learning. Our goal is to lay the foundation for each child to reach their full potential academically, socially, and spiritually.



To build a strong foundation for children as they begin their school career. To provide a consistent, warm, and exciting environment so children feel safe to explore and discover their own talents and reach their full potential.

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