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Character Education

CLCC is working to give our children a strong foundation in character traits.  Character traits aid in social and emotional skills growth which is essential at this age. At CLCC we have adopted a program from the University of LA called Character Critters. The character education themes go hand in hand with themes used in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.  The curriculum committee created the last three months of character critters in order to complete a year’s worth of themes as with Charlotte Meck’s program.  With Character Critters, stuffed animals are used to help teach the theme of the month.


Students will gain a great understanding of these traits through story cards and activities with stuffed animals, role playing, and short video clips.  The character education trait of the month will be implemented in our specials (chapel, story time, music).  Even though we are working on one trait per month, teachers will continue to teach the appropriate social/emotional skills as situations arise in their classroom.


The following are the character education themes for the following months:

January: Fran the Fair Frog

  • Know and follow the rules

  • Share with friends and family

  • Listen to friends and family

  • Don’t put blame on family and friends


February: Cindy the Citizen Crab

  • Cooperate

  • Obey rules

  • Respect people in charge

  • Do not litter


March: Stanley the Standing Tall Giraffe

  • Stand up for yourself

  • Play what you want to play

  • Do the right thing


April: Polly the Problem Solving Parrot

  • Solve problems with friends using words 

  • Stay on task and working through frustrations

  • Stay positive           


May: Sally the Self-Esteem Seal

  • Believe in yourself 

  • Look what you can do! 

  • You are AWESOME!


September: Rusty the Respectful Raccoon

  • Be kind to friends and family

  • Listen to parents and teachers

  • Use good manners

  • No hitting or hurting

  • Talk about problems

  • Take care of property: toys, playground, friends’ personal items


October: Roy the Responsible Rabbit

  • Do what you are supposed to do

  • Keep on trying

  • Always do your best

  • Help friends and family


November: Tommy the Trustworthy Turtle

  • Tell the truth

  • Follow the rules

  • Don’t take things that don’t belong to you

  • Do what you say you’re going to do – keep your promise


December: Carrie the Caring Cat

  • Be kind to people

  • Show family that you care

  • Say “please” and “thank you”

  • Help others

  • Community Projects​

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