Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for full day care?

To begin the registration process please fill out our ‘Full Day Waitlist’ form. To access the Full Day Waitlist form click the link below:


How will I know if my child received a spot in full day?

In the Spring, we begin to offer all available full day spots for an August start date. We move all of our classes up to the next age group in August.

If your child receives a spot, you will receive a phone call offer. If you do not receive a spot, your child will stay on the waitlist until a spot comes available.


How long is the wait list for full day?

Typically each age group is about a 1 to 2 year wait. If you join the waitlist and do not receive a spot, your child will stay on the waitlist until you request to be removed or your child ages out of the program.


Do I have to pay a waitlist fee for each child?

No, you only have to pay one waitlist fee per family.


Are you giving tours of the center?

No, we are not giving tours at this time due to COVID.

If you are offered a position at CLCC, you will be given the opportunity to tour our facility before making a final decision on enrollment.


How do I register for the Half Day program?

Half day registration is first come first serve. Please stop by CLCC to register.


What is your tuition?

To view our tuition for half day and full day please visit the link below: