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Key Fob Request

The Children's Center has a security system at each entrance to the Center (except for the playground door). Each family will need a "key fob" to get in each of the Center's doors. Your keyfob can go on your keychain for easy access. You simply hold the key fob in front of the security system panel located at each door. 

Any person who picks up your child on a regular basis (nannies, grandparents, etc.) will need a key fob. An uncle or 
neighbor that rarely picks up will not need one. You may request up to five key fobs. Most families only need 2 key fobs (one for each parent). There is a $10.00 fee for each key fob. This is a refundable fee upon withdrawing from the Center and return of key fob. If your key fob is lost, your fee will not be refunded. You will need to notify the office as soon as possible and request another key fob for $10.00. 

Please fill out the bottom of this form and return with your check. Your check needs to be separate from your tuition or registration check. If you have automatic draft you will need to write a check. You will need to list each person that is 
getting a keyfob. 

Key Fob Order Form
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